Monday, June 05, 2006

Democratic Primary in California Tomorrow!

As a political junkie, I have to say I am so disappointed with our options in the California Democratic Primary tomorrow. The only candidate I am excited to vote for is Jackie Speier, who is running for Lieutenant Governor. Jackie Speier has been a leader in family & women's rights for decades and I am thrilled she is running for second in command for our state. You can read her platform on women's issues here. She is endorsed by all the heavy hitters in democratic/feminist politics, including: Gloria Steinem, California NOW, National Women's Political Committee (NWPC), the Feminist Majority, Women's Political Commitee, and Democratic Action Women's Network.

When it comes to the big ticket, the Democratic candidates for Governor, I have been completely disgusted by this campaign. Not only is there no quality candidate on the ballot, but the two men who are running, Steve Westly and Phil Angelides, have run such smear campaigns that no matter which one wins, they will both be so tainted by their nasty campaigning neither one could stand a chance against Governor Schwartzenegger (can you believe that he is actually runs our state?!) in the November general election. What a shame.

This was a golden opporutunity for Democrats. With President Bush's approval ratings at an all time low and Schwartzenegger's below 50%, they should have banded together to do whatever it takes to vote Republicans out of office. Clearly that will not happen and I hope this is not foreshadowing of what will happen to the Democratic Party in the November midterm elections. Hopefully congressional Democrats will run better campaigns than have been run by the Democratic candidates for Governor.

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