Thursday, July 13, 2006

Center for New Words: Call for Poems

2006 New Voices Poetry Contest

Send in your poems today!

To be brief:

YOU write up to 3 poems, not more than 2 pages each.

YOU send them to New Words by July 31, 2006 (with a $5 reading fee — drop us a line if you can’t swing it)

WE pick 3 winning poets

YOU read your winning poems at New Voices on September 27, 2006

YOU get prizes

The minutia:

All submissions must:

Contain no more than 3 poems, of not more than 2 pages each poem


Include a COVER PAGE with author’s NAME, CONTACT info, TITLE and word COUNT.

Subsequent pages should include ONLY the TITLES of the POEMS (and the poems themselves, of course).

Be mailed to The Center for New Words, 7 Temple Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

Be received postmarked by July 31, 2006

Be read by YOU, the writer, at New Voices on SEPTEMBER 27, 2006

The Prize: 1st Prize: $100

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