Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Victoria's Secret/Abortion Rights in Mississippi

First off, there was much talk the last week over an employee at victorious Secret telling a mother she is not allowed to nurse in their store. I was outraged when I heard of this and wrote to the company immediately to ensure that mothers are allowed to breastfeed. I received an immediate, personal response letting me know of their long standing policy welcoming mothers breastfeeding in their store. What a shame that one employee of theirs caused all that trouble. I was so glad to see so many feminist moms spring right into action to ensure their rights are protected. What an active mothers movement we have!

On a sadder note, the Feminist Majority needs our help asap. They are fighting to protect the last abortion clinic (can you believe there is only ONE in the whole state?!) from extinction. Please contribute what you can to help women get the reproductive support they need in Mississippi.

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MaMa-Feminista said...

It was more than one store interestingly enough! See my blog and it will link you to others who have been protesting this week......