Thursday, August 17, 2006

Female Democratic Candidates Set for Midterm Election

The November midterm elections are coming up soon and many women will be on the ballot nationwide in both federal and state elections.

Below is a list of female, Democratic candidates according to the Democratic Party's "Women's Vote Center Week in Review"


Each week, we are adding more women candidates to the list of Federal and Statewide Democratic nominees. This week we feature winners in Connecticut, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan and Missouri from our August 8th primaries and runoffs. Look for a complete list of women Democratic nominees running for Federal and Statewide office in late-September, following the September 28th primaries.

Federal Office

CT - Rosa DeLauro (C-3)
CT - Diane Farrell (C-4)
CO - Diana Degette (C-1)
CO - Angie Paccione (C-4)
MI - Debbie Stabenow (Senate)
MI - Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (C-13)
MI - Sharon Renier (C-7)
MI - Nancy Skinner (C-9)
MO - Claire McCaskill (Senate)
MO - Sara Jo Shettles (C-6)
MO - Veronica Hambacker (C-8)

Statewide Office

CT - Mary Glassman, Lt. Governor
CT - Susan Bysiewicz, Secretary of State
CT - Denise Nappier, Treasurer
CT - Nancy Wyman, Comptroller
CO - Barbara O'Brien, Lt. Governor
CO - Fern O'Brien, Attorney General
CO - Cary Kennedy, Treasurer
GA - Gail Buckner, Secretary of State
MI - Jennifer Granholm, Governor
MO - Susan Montree, Auditor

If you are a registered voter in any of the states listed below, visit these women's websites to help them get as much early support as possible. The more women elected this fall, the better!

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