Friday, August 11, 2006

Is The Rape of a 14 yr. Old Girl Buried in News?

The terror alert level today has passengers thirsty, but hey at least mothers can still take formula or breast milk. The press has over played this minor inconvience and I say minor because more pressing issues have been placed in the background. The GIs who admitted to raping and murdering a 14 year old girl, along with her family and then burning her body to hide the evidence have cited combat stress as an excuse for their planned behavior.

Said Capt. Elizabeth Walker, an attorney for the defense: "These soldiers are not robots. They are humans with emotions, and a command structure that hung them out to dry."

The soldiers are humans with emotions but the Iraqi girl and her family were not? It's a lack of authority that made me do it?
Wow, I guess if the soldiers are under extreme stress, mixing pain killers with Iraqi whiskey and cough syrup then their planned expedition after they had already harrassed this girl at a military check point was understandable. There is something severely wrong with this senario that anyone who would percieve these horrible individuals to have rights in which to argue such a ludicrous defense is enraging. Especially with respect to little unknown songs such as the one on UTube.

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