Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More Great Feminist Songs

According to my site meter, it seems like there is a good interest in feminist music. Since the interest is there, here are a few more great feminist songs...

"Point Hope"--Indigo Girls

"Let Me Go Easy"--Indigo Girls--A beautiful song about dying with dignity and on your own terms.
The recent album, Rarities, by the Indigo Girls was grossly overlooked. Both of these songs come from that album. As a fan of their music for over a decade, I have to say I think it's their
best album to date.

Fiona Apple's most recent release, Extraordinary Machine, is an absolute classic. Every song on the album is a gem, especially "Not About Love" and "Tymps (the sick in the head song)."

Both of these cd's are a must for any feminist rock music fan.

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Jen said...


To go along with the songs, I thought I'd mention my list of feminist books for kids. It's slowly growing, but if you have suggestions for others to add to the list, I would really appreciate it.