Thursday, September 21, 2006

Elmo is Evil!

Joel Stein has recently written an opinion piece in the LA Times regarding Elmo, a much loved Sesame Street character. He contends that the newer Sesame Street characters are much different than the older more adult based muppets that teach lessons through interaction with real people. He also takes note that Sesame Street has just added its first female character in 13 years thus as television show known for reflecting diversity may be ignoring gender equality.

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Grrrlfriend Jess said...

Oh crap! And I just mentioned gender equity on a post of my own, lauding Ms. Noodle. My guess - given several human females, including Ms. Noodle - is that Stein is referring to furry characters. Needless to say, it is clearly time to get the grrrl power going on The Street.