Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Feminist Mom Back from Hiatus

After being so busy with work and child rearing, I am back from a brief hiatus. There is so much happening right now, it's difficult to decide where to begin!

First off, very exciting things are FINALLY happening for the Democratic party with the downfall of Florida Congressman Mark Foley. After years of suspicions that he was mistreating young congressional pages, he resigned recently, possibly bringing the Republican majority in Congress down with him. Now, if the Democrats can only get their act together and run as a largely unified party much as the Republicans did in 1994, we have a real chance of putting this country back on the right track. It seems like Speaker of the House Hastert has only a small chance now of remaining Speaker, and if we have any luck at all, he will lose his seat all together. Can you believe he had the audacity to blame Former President Bill Clinton in his recent press conference announcing he will not resign (while also avoiding taking any real blame for the handling of the Foley debacle).

So there's hope!! Now we need to make sure all Democrats and independents get out and vote against Republicans at all levels of government, in all races. Republicans need to be sent the message that voters will no longer put up with the way they run this country, fight the war in Iraq, and boot them out before they steer our country even more off track.

On top of this, it now looks as though North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il is itching for war against us. It's incredible Bush even let things get to the level they did yesterday, where North Korean openly tested nuclear weapons. Diplomacy between our two nations could have ended this buildup years ago, of course Bush refused to have true discussions, hence the mess we're in now.

Also, if you are a registered voter, please, please, please vote no on Prop 85. This harmful proposition would prevent girls under 18 getting legal, safe abortions without parental approval. Those who are truly concerned about the health our our state's girls will be voting no on Proposition 85.

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