Thursday, November 16, 2006

Delta Airlines Forces Breastfeeding Mother Off Their Airplane

Via Moms Rising...

Delta Airlines recently gave a nursing mother a choice: cover your child with a blanket while nursing or get off the plane. The mother refused to cover her child while he was eating, which any woman who has breastfeed a child before knows can be uncomfortable for them. She was escorted off the plane! Sign the petition Moms Rising has put together to tell Delta how unacceptable their actions were.

More on the story from MSNBC here

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Anonymous said...

I am a Delta flight attendant. I don't know the details of the situation in which this nursing Mother was removed from the flight.
But, I want you to know I would NEVER ask a nursing Mother to cover her baby. Flight attendants are nursing Mothers too. I pumped my breasts for 6 months while I went to work and flew a Miami-New York round trip 3 days a week when my daughter was an infant.
The actions of one flight attendant should not reflect on all flight attendants.
Thank you,