Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Coverage

This election is so close...only one more day to go! I hope everyone is getting ready to vote and is looking forward to Nancy Pelosi becoming the new Speaker of the House of Representatives. The day has finally come where a woman is in a very good position to become the third in line for the presidency!

Here are a few good sources to track tomorrows results: (the politics secition) MSNBC has really made itself the site to go to for all things political. Their coverage of the election tomorrow should be top notch, so be sure to tune in after 8pm pacific time for results. site is a must read for any Democrat. There should be some really interesting comments on here tomorrow, all day long. personal favorite

Daily Show with Jon Stewart--Insider Blog--A great humorous political blog

The Huffington Post--Who would have thought Arianna Huffington would have come up with such a wonderful blog? Despite what you might think of her, the blog is great and full of interesting information.

Happy Election Eve!!

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