Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Kim Family are Hereos And Representative of Most San Franciscan Parents

Like many people in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have been closely following the ordeal of the San Francisco Kim family of four. The Kims car went off the road in rural Oregon after Thanksgiving and their car got stuck. The family spent 9 days in the wilderness, with only the provisions in their car to get them by, until Kati Kim and her 4 year old and 7 month old daughters were rescued yesterday. James Kim, Kati's husband and the father of her young daughters is still missing. He left the family on Saturday to go look for help and has not bee seen since. A massive search is under way for James Kim, and editor at CNET. Hopefully he will be found today, alive and in stable condition.

What has moved me most about this story, is the means by which the Kim family was able to keep their young daughters alive for so long in extreme temperatures. Kati Kim breastfeed both of her daughters in recent days, managing to keep two young children healthy while her and her husband frantically did everything they could do to get resued. They burned all of their car tires in order to keep warm and draw attention to their stranded car. Kati and James Kim are heroes and have shown the world that San Franciscans are not just crazy liberals as we're often wrongly portrayed in the press. They are a phenomenal family, yet also representative of the families I know that live in San Francisco. They love their children and would do whatever it took to keep them alive. Please keep James Kim in your prayers, and with luck, he will be found today so this wonderful family can be complete again.

Updates can be found on this website.

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