Monday, April 30, 2007

Book Review: Mamarama: A Memoir of Sex, Kids & Rock 'n' Roll

Although I have read many, many books about my favorite topics of feminism, parenting, and music, I have rarely read a book that combines these three topics. Mamarama, like Alternadad, another wonderful book about parenting, is an easy to read and enthralling book on modern parenting. Written by Evelyn McDonnell, the pop culture critic for the Miami Herald, this book is a must ready for any feminist parent interested in popular culture and parenting.

McDonnell has a familiar style of writing and a candid nature that many can relate to. She spent many years avoid pregnancy in the pursuit of other interests, such as travel, love and job opportunities. She chronicles the pre-baby years of her life in hilarious fashion, making her book impossible to put down. So many of us could relate to her visions of what motherhood would be like before she had children when she writes,

...I assumed I would be a mother, but I barely imagined it. Or rather, children were background characters in my various life fantasies of romance, adventure, and glory. They would be there, quietly doing their homework in their rooms, while I banged out books on my typewriter. I could see them in the snapshots we'd send home from Victoria Falls, or we'd buy baguettes together in Paris, then hold hands as we walked back to our garret (169)
This is exactly what I thought having children would be like! Her struggles getting her child to sleep, nursing and challenges through the preschool years are both interesting and insightful to parents of young children. There are so many other passages I and other parents could relate to. If you haven't read this book, make sure to pick it up. You will not be disappointed.

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