Monday, October 29, 2007

New Favorite Song: Society by Eddie Vedder

Although I have yet to see the movie Into the Wild, I have really been enjoying the soundtrack by Eddie Vedder. I am a huge Pearl Jam fan and was thrilled to hear about this side project of his. If you've read the book Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, as I have, listening to the cd is amazingly like listening to an audio version of the book. The songs so perfectly capture what we think Chris McCandless was thinking and his reasons for making the choices he did in dropping out of society.

My favorite song by far on the album is called Society, and it has the most beautiful lyrics, written by Jerry Hannan. They include the following, courtesy of Digihitch:

Society, you're a crazy breed.
I hope you're not lonely, without me.

When you want more than you have, you think you need...
and when you think more then you want, your thoughts begin to bleed.
I think I need to find a bigger place...
cause when you have more than you think, you need more space.

There's those thinkin' more or less, less is more,
but if less is more, how you keepin' score?
It means for every point you make, your level drops.
Kinda like you're startin' from the top...
and you can't do that.

I love what this song has to say about anti-consumerism, and how when you end up with more material goods than you need you need more space to think.

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